At Purse Hunters, we're delighted to introduce our layaway plan for handbags. This plan offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to secure your desired handbag with ease.


30% Down for Initial Deposit: Secure your desired item with a 30% down payment.

4 to 8 Weeks Payment Term: Enjoy the flexibility of paying off the remaining balance over 4 to 8 weeks.

Payment Terms:
1. No Fees, No Interest, No Extra Cost: Experience hassle-free payments with no additional charges.

2. Payment Done via Zelle or Venmo: Conveniently complete your payments using Zelle or Venmo.

3. No Set Schedule! Pay at Your Own Pace: There's no rigid schedule to follow. Pay at your convenience, as long as the balance is zero by the end of the agreed time frame.

This layaway plan provides flexibility and ease of payment, ensuring an stress-free purchasing experience for our customers at Purse Hunters.